Light Curtains(Type 4)

Safety Light Curtains (Type 4)

Type 4 safety light curtains protect personnel from injury and machines from damage by guarding points of operation, access, areas and perimeters. With self-checking circuitry, Type 4 light curtains provide control reliability and high levels of fault tolerance.

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  • Simple, two-piece integrated system has no control box.
  • High-resolution 14 and 30 mm point-of-operation systems detects fingers, hands and ankles.
  • Type 2 models with 30 mm resolution are available for lower-risk applications.
  • Point and Grid systems allow one-, two-, three- or four-beam perimeter and access guarding.
  • Superior optical design and finely focused ±2.5° beam make systems extremely easy to align and maintain.
  • Systems have ranges up to 70 m, with power and range for all types of applications including long-range perimeter guarding.
  • Compact, rugged and lightweight housing resists impact, twisting and abusive environments.