AMC & Support Services

ARCUS provides development and maintenance services for industrial and marine automation. Typical services include

  • onsite and offshore PLC Software development and delivery for a particular          requirement
  • SCADA screens and functionality development
  • Post Commissioning Support
  • Training the customers engineers for operating the plant and machineries
  • Upgradation of current systems with enhanced features
  • Convertion of legacy systems to latest hardware retaining the functionality
  • Retrofitting both electrical and mechanicals of the plant equipment

  • Project management

    project management

    Validation of progress points, planning, management, risk and safety management, application of recognised quality procedures, etc. Arcus uses proven methods and takes full advantage of the best practices of its expertise in to meticulously cover each of these areas. By applying this methodology, Arcus is able to take on very large and very complex projects in which management and coordination of the various works packages are crucial.

    design and execution

    project to be implemented, Arcus carries out studies covering automation , programming, electrical designs and diagrams and documentation, choice of hardware, implementation or installation, etc.

    Purchasing services

    Arcus has the full range of resources required to purchase supplies, specific subcontracting services on behalf of its industrial clients, including power or control cabinets or panels. In doing so it positions itself as a systems integrator with capabilities spanning design, engineering, purchasing, installation and on-site commissioning.

    onsite and offshore management

    Arcus teams are there to handle assembly, wiring, installation, testing, commissioning support for the equipment covered by an implementation contract.
    ARCUS also provides Annual Maintenance Contract services when continuous support is needed. We can also provide you AMCs with spares or without spares.

    ARCUS also selects and provides the right kind of automation hardware to the customers who have inhouse panel building facilities. VAES helps these customers select right hardware after studying the applications and also provide support if the customer should need any help during assembly or commissioning