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Guiding, Inspection and Part Localization

Ceric Automation, France, found itself faced with the challenge of implementing a robust and reliable solution checking tiles for one of their clients. The sheer variety in the appearance of the tiles after the ‘firing’ process and the complexity of the job meant that the only possible solution was machine vision and when it came to the crunch, the only supplier capable of the task was Cognex.

The humble tile long having been thought of as purely functional has become a decorative element in its own right. Manufacturers today need to have resource to a certain level of creativity in order to satisfy both traditional and more original tastes. Tiles are available now in all kinds of shapes, sizes and textures in an endless range of colours. A tile maker could easily have a range of 100 different tiles with many different colours and features. It is in this context that Ceric Automation found itself entrusted with a project for one of its tile manufacturing clients calling for the creation of a materials-handling system. Knowing the extent to which the tile industry had become sophisticated in its customer offering, Ceric knew their task was going to be far from simple.